About Us

Our Mission Statement

We envision a city with a vibrant, inclusive food system that provides equitable food access to all, regardless of ethnicity, age, household size, or immigration status.

Who We Are

The Central MA Center on Food Equity (CFE) is a cohort of community individuals, front-line providers, research, and community partners that are working together to reduce hunger in Central Massachusetts. The Center serves as an umbrella structure for 3 intersecting coalitions: The Worcester Food Policy Council, The Central MA SNAP Coalition, and the City of Worcester Taskforce on Food Security.  The Center and the work of the coalitions are being funded by Worcester County Food Bank as part of its advocacy program.  

What We Do

We work collaboratively with different sectors that may impact food systems to identify gaps, resources, and opportunities with the understanding that only a holistic approach that takes into account systemic and structural racism can work to reduce hunger.

What Is Food Equity?

The most basic assumption of food equity is that every person in every zip code should be able to find and afford nutritious food that meets their dietary and cultural needs. In a truly equitable food system, every person should be able to:

  • Access safe, healthy food options, regardless of their income, race, or location
  • Grow, buy, and prepare food that meets their nutritional needs
  • Have food options that meet their dietary, cultural, religious, or health requirements
  • Participate in the food system in ways that are meaningful to them.

Why It Matters

Food equity is important because it has a direct impact on people’s health and well-being. When people have access to healthy food, they are less likely to experience obesity, heart disease, and other chronic health conditions. Children who have enough healthy, nutritious food have a lower risk of chronic illnesses and conditions, such as stunted growth, obesity, and anemia. They are less likely to miss school, have fewer behavioral issues, and find it easier to focus on schoolwork and daily activities.